Precise Deck Spacing Tool

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Spacing is everything when setting up your deck!
Decking can be done 3X Faster with Precise Deck Spacing Tool, for building up to precise 4cm positions 9 boards at once. 
This handy tool allows you to accurately and evenly space frames for any deck or furniture made of wood bars.
This tool has V-shaped teeth to the underside of the gauge. Simply align the teeth between each decking boards and give it a firm tap of a hammer on both top edges of the tool. You will guarantee to get precise gaps.


  • Keep accurate, even spacing between frames.
  • Sets perfect 40mm gaps between boards.
  • Spaces and installs up to 9 X 4cm decking boards at once.
  • 3x Faster installation.
  • Made of durable high density Polyethylene.
  • Save time and money on deck measurement.
  • Suitable for making any deck / deck furniture, including tables, chairs etc.
    • Material: Plastic
    • Size: 41 x 10 x 3cm
    • Space Length: 4cm
    • Color: Orange


    • 1 x Precise Deck Spacing Tool

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