New Contact Lens Cleaner Travel Mini Ultrasonic Contact Lens Cleaner Kit

Ultrasonic technology: The contact lens cleaner uses an ultrasonic technology cleaner with a frequency of 48 kHz, such as protein deposits and other dirt. Cleaner, safer and less time-consuming than hand washing. Such as soft lens, hard lens, cosmetic contact lens, RGP lens and OK lens.
Efficient cleaning and energy saving: u contact lens fasteners use ultrasonic wave technology, the frequency is higher than 20000 Hertz, strong penetration and good direction, can effectively wipe off the stains on the lens in a short time, thus thoroughly clean the lens without damage .
Two working timer options: fast cleaning time: 3 minutes (once a week), strong cleaning time: 5 minutes (once a week). Use the included Micro USB cable to connect it to a power source and select a timer. It will automatically shut down after completion.
Rust-proof stainless steel material: The clean box uses leak-proof technology, so there is no need to worry about water infiltration or damage to the machine. The clean box is also made of anti-rust stainless steel. So durable. A little bulge during work, which means the device is working properly.
Small size portable contact lens travel case: Mini size is about 9.2 cm * 6.99 cm. Note: Only use the replacement basket when the basket is broken. If you need to replace it, find the card slot on the top basket, then remove it with some strength, and install a new card slot. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

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