ezmoCoin - The pocket sized Kinetic desk toy

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The pocket sized version of our optical illusion desk toys. Precision machined in a size of a coin- it is the perfect way to bring the magic with you. The new flat design allows it to achieve rotation longer than 12 minutes and new spinning tricks.

Full collection of three beautiful metals- Brass, Copper and Stainless steel

Full collection of three beautiful metals- Brass, Copper and Stainless steel

Simply spin it on any flat surface to reveal the mind-bending effect of a continuously flowing spiral. Like one of our backers said:  ''It looks almost magical- like ripples spreading out over an infinity pool and breaking on the edge... ''

High frequency drop is one of our favorites- it looks really impressive. If you spin the ezmocoin on it's edge on a glass surface it will then attempt to wobble in a high intensity. It creates a very unique visual effect and sound. MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO UNTIL THE END:)

We love spinning toys! The physics behind them are simply remarkable. Seeing a flat object balancing absolutely still on a tiny tip is just mesmerizing- like it would tend to defy gravity while rotating.

We listen to our backers- many requested longer spinning times so we decided to bring it to the next level.  The combination of flat metal body and tungsten carbide tip allows to achieve rotation longer than 12 minutes on a glass surface. So far our record is 14:40 min.

You can simply spin the coin by one hand or make the super fast spin using both hands. The more you practice the longer spinning times you will achieve:

Designed to spin on any desk or flat surface. The solid body and smooth finish make it very pleasant to interact with. It spins silently so you won't be bothering anyone around.

Built for creators, makers, thinkers, and anyone who wants to release their inner creativity and imagination. Keep focus, relieve stress or simply play around anytime and anywhere.

The flat shape and compact size makes it a perfect toy to carry around. It will fit in any pocket without making a bulk. Each Mezmocoin comes with a nice leather sleeve to carry with style and protect from scratching. 

Each unit comes with a custom made leather sleeve with embossed Mezmocoin logo

Spin on the edge, launch them together, explore high frequency drops and more. The flat shape opens new possibilities for many cool tricks. 

Want to surprise someone? No matter the age, Mezmocoin makes a truly great and original present that creates a bit of magic every time you interact with it. Each unit is crafted with attention to the smallest detail and built to last a lifetime.  

We enjoy the reactions when someone spins Mezmocoin for the first time. It instantly creates that ''WOW'' effect. The most frequent ones: WHAT?!..., Again please..., HOW?! or simply Mesmerizing....:)...  

With our CNC machines, we are able to achieve such level of precision that is rarely found in regular everyday objects. You’ll instantly notice minutely milled lines and smooth surface texture upon touching Mezmocoin for the first time!  

Patina process- Copper and Brass are very dense and unique metals that will attain beautiful tarnish over the time. It means that it will slowly darken and create a unique pattern on the surface. 

Each Mezmocoin is manufactured in our local workshop and goes through high standard quality check. The final result is a machined masterpiece that you would enjoy to use every day.

This is our passion, our hobby, and our job. With every project, we try to bring something new to the World and Kickstarter is an amazing platform to do that. Our supporters get the best price and a unique chance to follow the whole manufacturing process. This time we are excited to get the Mezmocoin into your hands;)   

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We donate 3% of our net profit to Natural Resources Defense Council: an environmental non-profit works to safeguard the earth - its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.

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