Lingxiang 6/8/10/12mm Green Tiger Eye Beaded Bracelets Trendy Natural Stone Bracelet For Women Lucky Men Jewelry

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6/8/10/12mm Green Tiger eye beaded bracelet Fashion Lucky woman jewelry natural stone bracelet
    Tiger eye stone is quartz aggregate and amorphous mineral.
Its gemological name is tiger eye stone, also known as tiger eye stone.Usually has a tan, green, blue, brown, yellow, mei red wait for color, opacity, fine texture tenacity, good fiber structure, from the vertical direction on the surface of the fiber ring, for example, will appear on the surface of grinding surface parallel moving "eyes", because its shape and color like the eyes of the tiger, so called the tiger's eyes.Africa is a major producer and a national treasure of South Africa.Tiger eyes usually have cracks in them that are deficient in minerals, which from birth defects do not affect their spirits, let alone worry about cracks caused by prolonged wearing. A good looking tiger eye is inevitable, but it is not obvious or mild.


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