Contact lens case beauty girl lens box storage

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Contact lens companion box contains accessories:
Companion box set composition: special mirror, small bottle of nursing solution, double box, tweezers, suction stick.
Instructions for contact lens companion box:
⒈Please wash the double box and tweezers with clean water before and after use.
⒉After injecting a layer of preservation solution into the twin box, store the lens (note that the lens is placed in the box, do not place it on the edge of the twin box) and tighten the lid.
☆ Precautions:
⒈Shanghai liquid can not be washed with detergent, soap, etc.
⒉ Pay attention to the left and right when using the double box.
⒊This product is compatible with all brands of care solution.
⒋Ophthalmologists recommend that this product should be replaced every 3 months


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