Colorful with remote control flashing wide light waterproof silicone license plate light

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The led board is coated with clear silica gel to provide protection during handling, resistant to abrasion, avoid water damage and long-lasting life


  •  Low power consumption, power is 1.44 watts, and the brightness of each lamp is 60 LM.
  •  Super bright 5050 SMD LED.
  •  Use the wireless remote to set the light color to red, green, blue, white, etc.

There are also different lighting modes as follows: flash mode, strobe mode, fade mode and smooth mode

  • Flash mode: colorful changes
  • Gated mode: fade in and out
  • Gradient mode: gradient color
  • Smooth mode: three colors dazzling
  • The brightness is adjustable: there are two buttons on the controller, press the button to increase or decrease the brightness.

Installation instructions: Before installing, turn off the power switch and turn off the lamp.

Applications: Dome and map lights, reading lights, license plate lights, side marker lights, indicator lights, instrument panel lights, door lights, etc.

Applicable to:

Models are available in T10 / T10 / 194/168/158/12256/12961/2821/825 / W5W sockets.

Also compatible with 921/925/516/579/917/918/920/922/923/906/904/916 sockets.

It can be setted 16 kinds of static colors, such as red, green, blue, white and so on; and 4 kinds of dynamic effects: flash, strobe, fade and smooth. 

Note: In order to get the right lights, please double check the application before placing the order. Thank you for understanding.

Package Content:
2 x Car RGB LED Light Bulbs
1 x Remote Controller 

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