51/54mm Bottomless Portafilter Professional Coffee Espresso Machine Handle, Coffee Tools


☕FOOD SAFE STAINLESS STEEL - Your health is our #1 priority. Rest assured that you are getting your money's worth here. We use the highest quality, food-safe 100% stainless steel for our Bottomless Portafilter with no coating. Don't buy other cheaper coffee filter as they may flake off metal pieces into your grounds when tamping. Your well-being is too important to risk it.

☕SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Step up to by far the highest quality Bottomless Portafilter available anywhere at this price point. You will never need to buy another Bottomless Portafilter again, and will save time, money and frustration. Once you taste the rich aroma of smoothly tamped espresso from your own machine you will forget about your local coffee shop and prefer to make your own.

☕IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS - The elegant Senior Gray Waterproof bag makes the Bottomless Portafilter an ideal gift for any coffee enthusiast and home barista looking to get the most out of her espresso machine. It also doubles up as great place to store your Portafilter, fitting nicely into your drawer and keeping it well protected or looking great right on your counter-top.


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